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(1000 Litres To 60,000 Litres Available)

Advanced Bio Septic Tank

The Bio-Septic tank will have Three Compartments (Two Partitions), with interconnecting pipes. A common 600 mm Manhole is provided for the First & Second Compartment

Inoculum to digest the human waste is added before using the bio-septic tank.

Poly-grass lining is provided in the First Compartment to provide large surface area and for anchoring anaerobic bacteria in the inoculum

Bio-Media ( 400 sq.m./cu.m.) is filled up to 50% volume in the Second Compartment to increase the surface area and serves as growth medium for the bacteria.

The Third Compartment can be used for disinfecting the treated effluent by solar powered electro-chlorination.

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Our Products

Composite Tank

"Comp-TNK", the composite underground and above ground water storage tank is a unique product, developed to replace traditional R.C.C. sump or R.C.C. overhead tanks. Homogeneous moulded and factory tested - it ensures Water tightness, Light weight, Corrosion resistance, Easy and Quick installation makes it builder's choice even in water logged locations.

Composite Septic Tank

"Comp-SEP", a Factory manufactured Composite Underground Septic Tank comes with internal partition and leak proof (air tight) construction. The insulating nature of the composite material maintains temperature inside the tank to allow the growth of the bacteria that digest solid waste. Its corrosion resistance property ensures the long life of the tank.

Fabrication and supply of 10,000 Capacity FRP storage tank

Fabrication and supply of 10,000 Capacity FRP storage tank with Nozzle arrangement ; Inlet , Outlet , Drain , Over flow nozzle ,level indication nozzle point provision etc., ; Vertical , cylindrical shell with flat bottom & conical top & hand rail system ; MOC : Vinylister 4mm tank inner side + 8mm Isso Resin based ; Shell thick 1st strake (Bottom) : 12 mm ; Shell thick 2 nd strake : 10 mm ; Top thickness : 8 mm ; Nos of manhole : 1. Warranty: 3 years

FRP Water Tank

FRP Toilet With Water Tank

FRP Storage Tank

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