Bio Septic Tank

Bio Septic Tank

The Bio-Septic tank will have Three Compartments (Two Partitions), with interconnecting pipes. A common 600 mm Manhole is provided for the First & Second Compartment

Inoculum to digest the human waste is added before using the bio-septic tank.

Poly-grass lining is provided in the First Compartment to provide large surface area and for anchoring anaerobic bacteria in the inoculum

Bio-Media ( 400 sq.m./cu.m.) is filled up to 50% volume in the Second Compartment to increase the surface area and serves as growth medium for the bacteria.

The Third Compartment can be used for disinfecting the treated effluent by solar powered electro-chlorination.

The tanks is 100% Leak Proof & easy to maintain.

They can be buried underground and can withstand vehicle load over them.

No Sludge Formation due to complete digestion of waste - hence periodic cleaning is eliminated.

The system is available from 1,200 litres to 50,000 litres and usage member based design.

  • Easy Replacement of Existing Septic Tank
  • No need of slabs & supporting walls
  • Less labour and easy handle
  • Few hours installation and same day usage
  • User friendly
  • Affordable Price
  • No Maintenance
  • Kills Virus and Insects
  • The Septic tank will not fill for life time
  • 100% leak proof
  • No formation of sludge
  • Customize tank according to clients requirements
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