Organic Waste Converter (OWC)

Organic Waste Converter (OWC)

OWC Advantages:

  • Reduction of waste by volume.
  • Source segregation& Better Sanitation.
  • Effective recycling & Simple waste handling process.
  • Very Negligible Maintenance & Running cost.
  • Natural way of composting without any foul smell.
  • Output a Micro nutrient rich manure from wet garbage.
  • Takes care of all Biodegradable waste except Plastic, Metal, Glass & Hard Shells.

Note: Only the Decomposable Food / Vegetable Wastes can be converted

Process Description:

1/ Crush the waste along with water.

2/ The output of the crusher is connected to the De-watering Machine.

3/ Built-in De-watering System separates the solid-particles from the water & it is drained. The output from the De-watering System is semi-dry bio-mass of less than 3 mm in particle size with 8-10% Moisture.

4/ For composting, the de-watered solid waste has to be neutralized (acidic content) by mixing with Natural Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).

5/ Then, the above mixture (waste + Calcium Carbonate) has to be mixed with carbon-rich material such as shredded dry leaves or saw-dust or processed Manure from Converter.

  • This mixture is fed into the Mulchy Bulchy Composter Box for curing. The curing time is 14 to 21 days. At the end of the curing cycle, the output will be dark brown/black in colour with wet soil-like smell & texture. It can be applied directly to the Plants, Farms, and Crops etc.
  • The Organic-Converter system is electrically operated. The curing containers do not require any electricity. The skill required to operate these machines is negligible. One worker less than 1hour/100kg is sufficient to manage the entire operation.
Technical Details EFCG - 2K EFCG - 3K EFCG - 4K
Overall size (lxbxh) 595x595x750mm 530x260x380mm 1050x685x800mm
Sink mounting Dia 500x500x280mm 125x110mm 900x525x200mm
Inlet 125mm 150mm
Outlet 125mm 1.5' BSP 50mm
Weight 1.5' BSP 110 kg 150 kg
Motor (440V, 50hz, 2800rpm Continuous duty.) 1hp 2hp 3hp 1hp 2hp 3hp 5hp 7.5hp 10hp
Disposal Capacity (Qty.Hr.) 50kgs 150kgs 250kgs 50kgs 150kgs 250kgs 350kgs 450kgs 600kgs
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